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'An age that has lost its gestures is, for this reason, obsessed by them.' -Agamben, Notes on Gesture (1992)




Tricks in a Cessna, 2005, DVD, 12 minute loop


"In 2005, Lucy Pullen hired a pilot to take her up in a Cessna ovre Vancouver Island, and then captured the event through the lens of a camera. With an impromptu flight plan, the pilot performs smap rolls by cutting the engine at 5000 feet. An alarm sounds as the plane falls freely. Pullen splits th view between the pilot's actions and the spectacular landscape outside the airplane's window. As the plane takes a nose dive, the sensation of zero gravity is produced, demonstated by an object that hovers for a moment in mid-air above the pilot's hand. Irreverent and daring, the video stands as a document of a unique event and an unconventional representation of the West Coast landscape." -K Ritter







  2500 Superballs dropped from the top of a 7 storey parking garage. with Sandy Plotnikoff at 7am on April 27, 1997.







Snowmobile (2000)








  Intervention with Garage Doors (1993)