“Contrails” is a non-narrative high-definition video of natural phenomena. The work was shot on 4K at 24 frames per second. The video is a highly specific, abstract representation of the nature of nature. The thought processes of the audience complete my piece. "Contrails" is an open invitation to have a tangible quantum experience.








This video addresses the absolute uncertainty of all things, one of quantum theory’s central tenants. The white dots are alcohol vapor, like fog under a microscope. Fleeting lines are generated by cosmic rays; they ionize a path through the vapor.  Duration, intensity, direction and distance vary to such a degree that cosmic rays are considered to be the only truly random aspect of the universe.


Tishman Auditorim, The New School NYC






By faithfully reproducing the conditions of uncertainty defining a quantum state, I create a space people enter easily. Audiences are moved as their perception shifts. At first the image looks familiar, like weather. Contrails appear out of nowhere, some are fleeting; others are straight and very bright. There is no beginning, middle or end. Eventually, what is tiny becomes vast: a universe in miniature, without sound.  The work is available for events and private screenings through non-exclusive licenses.







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