Tricks in a Cessna (2005)

dvd of expedition

ed. 10 (2 proofs)




"In 2005, Lucy Pullen hired a pilot to take her up in a Cessna over Vancouver Island, and then captured the event through the lens of a camera. The pilot performs snap rolls by cutting the engine at 5,000 feet. An alarm sounds as the plane falls freely. As the plane takes a nose dive, the sensation of zero gravity is produced, demonstrated by an object that hovers for a moment in mid-air above the pilots hand. Irreverent and daring, the video stands a a document of a unique event and an unconventional representation of the West Coast landscape."

Kathleen Ritter, curator


Tricks in a Cessna (2009)

video installation

How Soon is Now

Vanvouver Art Gallery

February 9 - May 3, 2009

Vancouver Canada





'An age that has lost control of its' gestures is, for this reason, obsessed by them.'

Giorgio Agamben

Notes on Gesture (1992)